• KassandraTelenovelă fenomen numai pe TelenoveleRO
  • Destine furateTelenovelă fenomen numai pe TelenoveleRO
  • JurământulTelenovelă fenomen numai pe TelenoveleRO
  • În numele iubiriiTelenovelă fenomen numai pe TelenoveleRO
  • StăpânaTelenovelă fenomen numai pe TelenoveleRO
  • Inimă SălaticăTelenovelă fenomen numai pe TelenoveleRO

Kassandra - Episodul 150 (Ultimul episod)

Destine furate - Episodul 146

Inima salbatica (1993) - Episodul 47 (Subtitrat in romana)

Juramantul Sezonul 2 - Episodul 1

Dragoste și speranță
Episodul 35

Episodul 260

Sezonul 3 Episodul 4

The West

The West is a browser based game that’s set in the American Wild West. New players begin their adventure with no cash or skills and must hit up the local salon for odd jobs to earn a living. A step by step tutorial teaches beginners how to duel, pick tobacco, and navigate the interface. Quests provide additional cash and skill points to customize your character. Each character has 4 stats, 20 skills and starts as the default Greenhorn class. At level 10, players chose between four class types, each with 4 archetypes.
You can challenge another player to fight in a duel, separated into 8 rounds. Each player has eight chances to try to land a hit and eight changes to dodge the attack from the other one. The player that causes more damage in the duel wins.
Evaluare: 0.0/0
Contoare: 1675/920